Lux Bio Group is a fusion of biological science & nanotechnology engaged in the alchemy of connecting silicon machines with the molecules of life. By focusing the transformative power of electronic and digital technologies on molecular information, we synthesize new tools to explore the meaning within life.


Who we are

Lux Bio Group is a team of veteran life-science, manufacturing, and computational technology experts. We combine decades of experience in biology and chemistry with deep expertise in developing leading-edge computing systems from high-performance computing down to microprocessor design and silicon process technologies.


What we do

Lux Bio Group addresses both ends of the "molecule-information" problem to close the loop in molecular analysis. Our Adaptive Molecular Systems team develops silicon-based, direct electrical sensors to enable significant advances in molecular instrumentation. Our Integrated Analytics Solutions team focuses on reducing cost & complexity in adopting data-intensive instruments and workflows while improving process integrity and performance.


Why we're here

Our mission is straightforward: Leverage and expand our unique ability to bring the worlds of biotech, computing, and semiconductor manufacturing together to accelerate the revolution in digital biology.